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Faith Can Change Your World

This book shares the primary principles you need to know in order to develop your faith and to have it function properly in your life. Faith is an inexhaustible subject, and in the words of Lester Sumrall: “In this book we will deal with faith so strongly until you can say: ‘My faith is strengthened. My faith is heightened. My faith is made a living source of strength in God.’” Endorsed by leaders such as Kenneth Copeland, R.W. Schambach, and Billy Joe Daughterty.

This page contains full, unabridged work authored by Dr. Lester Sumrall. Please feel free to use the reader provided, or you may directly download the publication – both versions offer access to the full text. We hope you enjoy reading the works of Dr. Sumrall. To purchase a hard copy of this teaching visit www.leseapublishing.com to order.

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